The Latest Wedding Trends for 2019 – You’re Going To Love It

Yep, we have just passed Christmas, with the exception for the few countries that have a second Christmas day as we have in the Netherlands, and it’s almost time for a great new years party so a wedding party doesn’t really fit in here. Hence the title, the latest trends for 2019 as we’re on too short notice and a too busy season to get married. So in preparation for the next year here are some awesome ideas to think about before you get into organization-mode.

Let’s Start With Some Fashion Trends

Make a statement through your back, if you are a bit daring you might want to have a low dip, sexy as hell I can tell you right now. Get crazy with your heels, don’t forget to practice though as we don’t want to see you tumbling down the stairs so if you have an imperfect balance this might not be your thing. If you’re fine and confident then go for it. Just make sure you have a regular pair of shoes nearby for when the party really takes off and you’re on the dance floor as those absurd high heels are going to break otherwise.

Next: Décor & Styling Trends

Have you ever thought about Trestle tables during your wedding reception? This appears to be the new trend so why not give it a go. Other things that go really well in 2019 & beyond are metallic, you can hire a laser engraving business to print the table numbers on metallic plates and if you’re well organized you can even print the names of the guests. No more confusion this way from guests that sipped a little to much wine before the party gets started.

I could go on with a dozen more styling trends but I want to cover more in this post than just that so I just gave you the best ideas I could come up with and I hope you like them as much as I do.

Entertainment Trends for 2019

The first thing you would think of is probably a wedding singer like James from or a band like a Penthouse 5.  But how about something different for the new year? Something like accessories first, there are companies specialized in sparklers that go all around you, with you I mean you and your future husband or wife. It truly looks amazing and the professionals will make sure there’s enough room to avoid burning yourself and probably suggest you not to move too much while the sparkles are going off. It definitely makes for one hell of a photo-op, I guarantee you that.

Someone else came up with the idea to invite your pet to your wedding and hell why not indeed, do make sure you have someone to take care of your pet for the remaining of the day as you don’t want to be stuck with it during dinner or at the after party.

We All Got to Eat – and Not Just Wedding Cake

Speaking of wedding cakes, you can’t have a wedding without one so ruffle cakes will do really well, mixing modern style with tradition is what 2019 is all about. Cheesecakes surrounded by grapes will be in demand as well so plenty to consider.