The Best of the Avengers

What is the one job that is cooler than being a rock star? If you are thinking something along the lines of astronaut or professional athlete then you are wrong. There is only one answer to this question. Whilst it may not strictly be a real job, the best job in the world would to be part of the Avengers crew. That’s right, whilst the lead guitarist is checking out the latest news you would be off flying around the world and saving the day. With that in mind I think it is time to make the biggest decision of them all and come up with a top three for the Avengers. I’m not claiming it will be easy or that you will agree with me, but someone’s got to do it so here goes.


Now Thor is one of the most impressive specimens you are ever likely to see. I think he was given the title of God purely down to his arms. I mean come on, they are the size of my head. Even without the arms he still has a whole lot of powers that I would love. In a sentence I never thought I would be typing, I am always impressed when I see Thor’s hammer. He can fly and is as strong as an Ox, and on top of all this whenever he wants to go home he gets to go across something that looks like the rainbow road track from MarioKart. That’s got to be fun right!

Captain America

When he isn’t being a self righteous little man the Cap is actually quite cool. What makes Captain America one of the better Avengers is the fact that he was once just a real life man. Sure he was given a little bit of help in the form of life changing drugs but who hasn’t been at some point in their life? He is strong, quick and occasionally funny which are all of the things I aspire to be in life. I also know that I would be able to pull off that all in one body suit a lot better than he does but I’m not going to fight him over it because he would win.

Iron Man

For a character that was originally only meant to play a small part in the whole Marvel Universe, Iron Man really has come to the fore over the few movies he has been in. Tony Stark could not have said it better himself when asked what he can bring to the table in the first one, and the answer of “millionaire, playboy, philanthropist was one that I laughed so hard at I made a sound diminishing my hopes of ever becoming a playboy myself. Iron Man is pretty much the perfect Avenger.

He is funny, exceedingly clever and he made his own way into the team. He built a robot from scratch and it made him into some sort of superhuman, and whilst in reality it isn’t, this makes it seems somewhat more attainable to the average Joe like you and me than the characters like Thor who were born as Gods. If I could have one job in the world it would to be Iron Man, but as I seem to have misplaced the application form I may have to wait a while.

This is of course just my personal opinion in both the ranking of the top three Avengers and the best job in the world. I am sure your opinion will differ along with everyone else’s, but remember that if you ever try to argue it with me I will blast you from my new iron suit……