Solar Patio Lights – Your Best Alternative for Patio Lights

Did you know that solar powered lights could be your best bet for lighting up your patio while keeping electricity costs down among other benefits? Solar patio lights are designed to give you the same amount of light as electric or gas patio lights without necessarily leaving a dent in your wallet.

Why Use Solar Patio Lights?

With the cost of living scaling new heights every day, homeowners are always looking for ways to save money either on household needs, fuel or electricity. If you’re in the pursuit of ways to cut your monthly energy budget, here’s why you should consider shifting to solar patio lights:

Reduces Electricity Costs by Almost 50%

Solar powered patio lights run on solar and do not add to electricity bills. As such, they’re a cheap and efficient option to light your patio. While the initial cost of installing solar powered lights may be relatively high, the cost of maintenance is incredibly small. As a matter of fact, after installation, the expenditure shifts to buying the batteries. A typical solar patio light comes with a battery that can last up to 18 months. Speaking of installation, here’s a solid resource to help you mount your solar patio lights professionally.


Solar patio lights require minimum cabling to function. The lack of cables reduces the risk that comes with electrical lights such as short-circuiting or exposed electric wires. Besides, you don’t have to switch off the lights when you’re away. They are designed to turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. This means that your patio will remain illuminated even when you’re on holiday thus reducing the risk of vandalism or theft.

In line with safety, consider installing solar flood lights to keep your backyard safe. Choose the units that come with motion detectors to ensure that any movement within your compound is detected thereby keeping you and your family safe.

A Variety of Styles

Solar patio lights are available in an assortment of styles depending on your particular needs. There are lights for permanent installation, decoration, and temporary party. Patio lights are aesthetically attractive to the eye and irrespective of the use, so you’re sure to find a style that matches your requirements.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the many perks of solar lighting is the ability to reduce carbon footprint. The lights are designed to charge during the day and use stored energy later. This means that you can light your patio at night without extra energy consumption. Lighting your patio with electric lights for the same amount of time would involve a substantial increase in energy consumption.

By using solar lights together with other solar-powered appliance at home, you have the option to live in a way that is better for the environment.


As stated, solar powered patio lights do not require a central outlet to operate. Besides, most can provide illumination for 10 hours depending on the climatic conditions and the positioning of the solar panel. This translates to convenience, meaning that you can install the lights whenever you want without any worries over proximity to a power source. Also, the lights will continue to operate even after a power outage, thereby making sure that your patio is adequately lit all the time.

The need to shift from electric or gas powered patio lights to solar patio lights needs no emphasis, not with the many benefits that the lights come with. The lights would undoubtedly make a better option particularly if you want to save money and enjoy the benefits of green energy.