Record Keeping: How to Take Care of Your Vinyl Collection

If you’re a collector or thinking about starting a vinyl collection of your own, you may experience a feeling that vinyl records turn the tables right round, making thisthe greatestaudio format of all time. Although the digital age is upon us, vinyl provides many advantages over other listening choices when it comes to trulyappreciating music.

Vinyl records are enjoyed by many audiophiles, as each record owned or borrowed can mean the world to vinyl aficionados. Vinyl records are given as gifts, passed down from loved ones, and hung on walls as decorations. Vinylis played at weddings and enjoyed at home and while hanging out with friends, listening, feeling, and sharing the music while poring over the larger album art cover and liner notes. This makes vinyl a true sonic treasure that is memorable and unforgettable.

If you’re already a collector, or if you’re just starting out relatively new to the idea of vinyl records, you may be seeking some advice in understanding the importance of maintaining and protecting your vinyl. As a collector of Vinyl Vintage,it is essential to keep your records in mint condition to ensure they look good and sound sweet. If you neglect your records after some time, you may experience scratches, surface noises, or warping. Here are a few tips to guarantee your records are properly taken care of to increase their longevity.

Storing Your Vinyl

  • Without even realizing it, there may be a chance you are damaging your vinyl collection by the way you are storing them. If you have more than a few records, make certain your vinyl is in an upright position. To keep your records lasting as long as possible in good condition, always store them vertically. When a record is stored at a slant for a long while, there is a chance of the record warping due to the uneven pressure placed on the record.
  • Conversely, storing your records on top of one another could permanently ruin your collection. The weight will warp the vinyl, which can lead to scratches, scuff marks, and even cracking. Too much pressure can also put the artwork at risk of damage when stacked on top of each other.
  • Find the perfect fit and display your records in a stylish way by storing them on wall frames, storage boxes, magazine racks, toy bins, or bookcases. For a real DIY project, try making your own custom shelves to highlight your vinyl.

Handling Your Vinyl

Before handling your record, you should always wash your hands first. When the record is handled with dirty hands, your body oils will transfer onto the vinyl and attract dust, which can often lead to poor music performance and disturbing sound quality. Make sure your fingers are not touching the grooved surface of the record directly. When handling your records,touch only the edges or the labeled surface. If you happen to make contact with the grooves, clean it as soon as possible.

Cleaning Your Vinyl

Keeping your vinyl spotless requires a regular cleaning routine before and after each use. The condition of your vinyl has a direct connection with the quality of your sound. It is important to clean and care for your vinyl to ensure it will be around for years to come. There are two standard cleaning methods you can use:

  • Dry Cleaning. The best and easiest way to clean your vinyl is to dry brush it. This prevents the buildup of dust and other grime. By using an anti-static brush regularly, you can keep your records cleaner for a longer time. After each use, you should wipe the brush clean.
  • Wet Cleaning.From time to time, you will want to deep clean your records. For this, you need a cleaning brush, clean container, warm water, dish soap, and some towels.
  • On a flat service, add a small amount of soap in the container and about three to four inches of warm water, then stir.
  • Place the record in the container, making sure you are not touching the grooves.
  • Once the record is wet, use the record brush and wet it. Move the brush in a circular motion a few times, going clockwise and counter-clockwise. If your record is suffering from heavy grime,repeat a few times.
  • Once one side is clean, turn it over and repeat Step 2.
  • If you’re happy with the results, hold your record in the sink and run cold water over it on each side. Let the water run down.
  • Once the water has run off, pick up the record with a towel, then dry it off with another towel. Once dried, flip over and do the same on the other side.
  • When your record is mostly dry, place it on its cardboard sleeve and put it somewhere safe and out of the way for several hours before playing it again.

For collectors old and new alike, hopefully this handy guide will keep your vinyl collection grooving well into the future.