Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

A baby shower represents a wonderful way for family and friends to show their appreciation celebrate the wonderful news of the baby’s arrival and prepare for the newest addition to the family. Traditionally, a baby shower party was thrown for a first-time parent, but times have changed, and every birth is worth celebrating.

The guest list for a baby shower is usually close family members and friends, but most men shy away from these events because they don’t participate in all the activities set for the day.

Planning a baby shower is effortless and rewarding if you break down the different aspects into smaller components. This is what we are looking at today – how to nail the perfect baby shower.

Select a Date and Location

The date for the baby shower is determined by the mother-to-be. Usually, the date needs to be between 4-6 weeks before the due date. The most convenient time is on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when the guests have time.

The date should take into consideration the availability of the guests, as it would be embarrassing to invite guests only to have one or two turn up. Having the baby shower over the weekend also makes sure that your out-of-town guests attend. You can come up with the best date and time by running a poll on social media or your website. This is a great way to find out the availability of the guests.

To get the perfect location, it is ideal that you know how many of them will attend the function beforehand. The baby shower is usually held at the person that is hosting the event. However, for the sake of comfort and to get enough room, you can have the shower at a hotel, restaurant or any other venue. Make sure you book early enough to reserve it for the specific date that you want.

Have a Reasonable Budget

Just like any other event, you need to set a budget for the baby shower. Before you can go ahead and arrange anything, you need to establish how much money you can spare for the event. The budget should cover everything from invitations to gifts. It would be a good idea to work with a co-host to come up with the right budget.

The location, menu and decor will depend upon this budget, so make sure you come up with something reasonable. For the decor, you need to have a theme and then go ahead to get decor items that match with this theme. You need balloons in different colors. The theme will depend upon the sex of the baby (if you already know about it).

One of the decor items that you need for the event is linen. Linen helps you make the theme complete because it allows you to have various colors, sizes, and arrangements. The good thing is that you don’t have to buy the linen for the function – you can just hire it for the day. Get all the linen you want for the event from

Have a Guest List

The role of coming up with a guest list falls on the mother-to-be because then everyone who is important will get invited to the function. The guest list usually has family, friends, and co-workers. It is advisable to get the contact information of the people intended to be on the list early in advance so that you have an estimate of the number of people who will make it plan better.

Pick a Theme

You can decide whether the event will have a theme or not. The theme adds to the ambiance of the event and helps you decide on the decor and card design. The theme you choose depends on what the mother-to-be likes or the gender of the baby.

The main aspect of the theme is the color and arrangement. You can ask the guests to decide on a theme for the event on the social media page or website.

Send Invites

As a host, you need to send out the invites early enough so that you make sure no one is left out. Make sure you choose a suitable mode of communication that will deliver the messages on time. For instance, use email and text messages to get the invitation to the guests.

In Closing

Planning a baby shower needs you to be meticulous and well-prepared. Take time to come up with a venue and time, and then choose a theme for the day. Finally, send invites in advance to make sure all important guests make it to the event.