Important Tips to Keep your Dog Warm and Cozy During Winter

The same way you feel cold and stiff during winter, your dog is likely going to feel the same. It is unfortunate that some owners do not bother taking measures to keep their pets warm during winter. Some believe that the fur protects the dog from the cold; hence it can tolerate cold days without a problem. Bearing in mind that most dogs are considered part of the family, they are used to the warmth of the indoors. Thus, cold weather hits them as bad as it hits you. To better care for your dog and keep him warm during winter, the tips below can be very helpful.

Limit outdoor time

Dogs are fond of spending some of their time outdoors playing or exhibiting some of their natural instincts. However, when the temperatures are too low, limit the amount of time he spends outdoors.  You can always take walks and play outdoors for some time, but when it gets too cold, do not leave him outside. If you happen to leave him outside on his own, say, for instance, playing in the yard, make sure you check on him often to ensure he is fine.

Warm and Cozy bed

Don’t go to your warm bed and leave your furry friend to spend the night on the cold floor. Provide for him a warm and cozy bed to ensure he stays warm. You can as well get him a heated pet pad to keep him warm when the temperatures drop too low, especially if your dog is a bit old. You will find heated pet pads in several sizes to suit your dog depending on his size or breed. Also, keep the bed elevated from the cold tiles or uncarpeted floors and choose an area that is warm.

Go outdoors when the sun shines

Always be keen on the temperatures so that you and your pooch can spend some time outside when the temperatures are favorable. Whenever the sun shines, take the opportunity to walk your dog for exercise and play. You will also both greatly benefit from vitamin D. The temperatures are most favorable during the late morning or early afternoon hours. Thus, avoid taking walks very early in the morning or late evenings when it’s probably the coldest.

Keep the dog away from heaters

Your pet is definitely going to be seeking warm places when it gets too cold. Therefore, they are likely going to be attracted to heaters or fireplaces because of the warmth. Watch out to ensure your dog is not snuggling too close to the heater or the fire. To prevent burning incidents, mount baseboard radiator covers for protection. Also, install a pet-proof system in the fireplace to keep your four-legged friend out of harm’s way.


It’s true that some dogs have a thick fur coat that may help to keep them warm naturally even during winter. However, other breeds with thin coats are susceptible to frost bites and stiffness in the joints if not properly taken care of. As such, buy your pet some warm attire for cold walks outdoors. The attire can be a sweater or a coat covering the dog’s entire upper body up to the neck and reach the base of the tail. Even so, remember you cannot prevent frostbites on the ears since they remain uncovered. Therefore, do not stay out for too long even with a cozy sweater for your pet.