How to Write Instagram Captions Like a Pro

How to Write Instagram Captions Like a Pro

You need to create compelling captions if you want to generate more engagement on Instagram. And, did you know that engagement is one of the three keys things that Instagram algorithm considers when ranking content in your feed?

In essence, this implies that if you master how to write captions, then you’ll get more comments, likes, and followers. In return, your content will get more views. Here’s how to hone your caption writings skills on Instagram.

Know your Audience

Sure, Instagram attracts more than one billion active users per month. But, who of these are you targeting? So, you have to figure out who you are addressing first, even before you start to write your caption. At the very least, your followers must understand the reference.

You also need to decide if using this such as emojis is appropriate and so on. In short, your target audience has to relate to the info you’re trying to communicate with your captions.

Develop a Brand Voice

The brand voice goes to the core of social media marketing. So, you should decide which values and qualities you want to embody from the get-go. Create a list to help you shape a unique brand voice.  You can write down a couple of adjectives that best describe your brand.

Words such as bold, authoritative or curious might fit a travel brand, for instance. As a rule of thumb, your captions should sound too formal, so you need to bring down the tone a little bit. Consider using humor where appropriate.

Be Mindful of the Length

Here is the thing- most users scroll through Instagram feeds at a brisk pace. What does this mean? Well, it implies that you should keep your captions as short as possible. That way, you will increase the chances that your target audience will read through them. Try to use 125 characters or few.

Give Important Words a Priority

See, captions get cut off your feed after a few lines of text. Therefore, you should make sure that you deliver your point right away. Place any @mention and hashtags at the end. Good writing is essential too, so be creative.

Edit and Rewrite

You want your captions to have the best impact possible, so you should take time drafting them. There is no problem with writing several drafts before deciding which one to use. In fact, great captions require some editing and drafting.

Ensure that your words support the message and content. Get rid of fluff to keep it concise. Consider getting a fresh pair of eyes to help you with editing.

Don’t Forget to Grow your Following

Captions are an integral part of your Instagram marketing campaign. Still, you need to keep growing your audience to increase your brand’s exposure and influence. You can use tools such as SocialSteeze to help enhance your marketing effort.

And on that note, here’s a great comparison of SocialSteeze when pitted against other like-services. Of course, it is all about standing out.