Features Of A Good Identification Card

Identification cards, abbreviated as ID, have become an important component of workplace safety in today’s world where fraud and suspicious activities are the order of the day. One cannot access some places without an ID and most government departments and organizations have made it their duty to ensure that officers and employees have these documents. The modern ID is more than just a piece of plastic that people hang around their necks. It is also something that can help in achieving security goals of an organization in a number of ways. The following are some of the important features that make a good ID.

Personal information

An ID is a small document but it should include all the important information that pertains to the holder. This does not mean that you include the entire curriculum vitae or resume of the person in question within it. Some of the important details to highlight are names, department or level of employment and employee number if applicable. The nature of information on display may vary from one organization to the other. You can use different colors to make some details like name outstanding and easy to note. The font size should also be chosen carefully to ensure that you do not mask important information.


Identification cards are not accessories that you change after every one month or two. It is something that should serve you for long and reduce the recurring cost of having to design one on a regular basis. There are different materials that can be used to make an ID and they range from papers to plastics. The ideal material should be one that lasts the longest. Some materials get worn out with time which masks the message that you intend to pass. Ensure that you evaluate the material in question before you order some for your organization.


If you have observed different IDs, then you may have noted that they come in different shapes and designs. An ideal design should be both attractive and functional at the same time. The design of the ID can pass important messages such as your brand colors and professional image. Designing a professional card can be time-consuming as you try to get the perfect match. The best option will be to find a website that offers ready-made templates for all customers’ needs. If you run a police department or any other type of organization, you can avoid the big hustle and buy from EasyIDCard as they make your dream IDs.

Organizational logo

The modern world is full of cons who can present themselves as other people. Impersonation is very common which makes it hard to trust those who you meet for the first time. You can include some security features such as a logo on your ID to avoid such cases. Ensure that the fonts, colors and the logo on the ID are consistent with how you display your brand using various marketing techniques. You can even differentiate different departments using varying colors on the ID cards.