Are You Looking for More Legit Followers? Here Are a Few Pointers

Reports show that it is getting much harder to get the right engagement on Instagram.

The social media giant has come up with a more intelligent algorithm that makes it hard for you to get likes, comments and other engagement tasks are done more easily the way you used to do.

It now means that you have to work harder to get more followers for your account, compared to before when a few posts would get you the number of followers you needed. Some of the previous strategies won’t work as effectively as they did before. Worse still, they might lead to penalties or banning on the platform.

Fortunately, there are a few tried and tested strategies to help you get the number of followers that you are looking for. Let us dive right into these strategies.

Join In the Conversation

More often than not you have found yourself following the comments left behind by other users on your content and marveling at them, only to find them trickling down and fading away sooner than you expected. The reason this happens is that you don’t push the conversation further. With your participation, you can make sure the conversation lasts a few hours longer than it should have.

Make sure you contribute to the conversation by offering more information and tips; this will generate the right kind of interest in your content and make sure you engage them further. Once your followers understand that you have the information they need, they will encourage their friends to look for you when it comes to a topic that you are specialized in.

Since Instagram dropped the chronological feed in 2016, there have been changes in engagement requirements, and interaction is limited to what you see on your newsfeed. So, keep on joining in the conversation, and soon you will see changes in the way your engagement grows.

Know Your Niche

Increasing the number of followers is not all about getting as many as you can; it is all about getting the RIGHT followers.

One of the ways to retain the followers is to make sure your profile is clear and have a theme to this effect. You are looking at a way to make sure your followers wake up each day looking forward to the content that you shall post, and respond to the content in such a way that they make you more visible.

What you need to do in this sense is to know your niche and what they need, then delivering this content the right way. The right content takes over everything else when you have an audience.

Take time to read the behavior of the audience, know what they expect from you and come up with a strategy to satisfy their needs.

Use the Right Filters

When it comes to automation of your tasks, you need to understand what kinds of filters you have at your disposal and when to use them. Remember that you don’t have to use all the filters at once – each is ideal for a certain time and situation. Once you understand what each does, it is time to know when to use them. This is the only way you can sustain your engagement while staying in the right books of Instagram.

To enjoy these and other filters, you need to get the right tool that gives you the right options. Remember lack of a single option in a set makes the whole process more tricky and suspicious. Check out the Instagram tools followers by SelectedBest to understand what tool to choose.

The Lowdown

You need to employ these strategies to get the best out of your marketing efforts. Failure to do this leads to low engagement levels and possible loss of followers.